PRINCE 24V detect when the gate comes into contact with an obstacle, and reverses the movement (as required by new European regulations EN12453, EN12445 and by American regulation UL325) without the need to fit edge sensors.

The low voltage motor combined with the ENCODER allows slow-down of the gate in approaching to the final positions, giving the movement a still greater sense of safety and fluidity.

Key release provided.

PRINCE, with the optional buffer batteries, mean that black-outs will pass totally unnoticed. In fact it is possible to do up to 90 cycles during the black out period. PRINCE can work without batteries too.

Manufacturer: RIB
Web site:

T2 24V for PRINCE 24V

  • automatic travel and timing code learning system
  • automatic closure
  • continuous operation during power failure (with optionals battery and recharge battery card)
  • pre-blinking
  • slow speed in close position approach
  • radio command – step by step or automatic
  • single command – step by step or automatic
  • directional open and close commands (with timer control)
  • electric lock release operation
  • stop command
  • Control current sensors to detect obstacle – photocells – strips – blinker – key selector – buzzer – electric lock
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