SUPER 2200

Automations for sliding gates

SUPER is a heavy-duty unit made from cast iron, housing a fan-cooled electric motor protected by heat sensors, reducer with mechanical components in an oil bath and high-precision limit switch system.
SUPER is designed to operate gates weighing up to 3600Kg.

Once installed, the unit only requires occasional maintenance to ensure efficient, optimal service.
In over two decades of production, the Super has undergone only minimal modifications (mainly to its outer design), remaining one of the most successful and renowned RIB products throughout the world.
With its oversized mechanical components and ventilation system, Super is ideal for heavy-duty sliding gate operation, day in, day out.

In the event of power failure, simply open the guard with the key supplied, rotate the release knob, then open the gate manually.

Large gates require extremely precise limit switches; that’s why the Super uses micrometric adjustment to ensure that opening and closing operations are perfectly suited to the gate type.


  • automatic travel and operating time learning system
  • automatic closure
  • pre-blinking
  • gradual operation start
  • adjustable low speed in approaching
  • electronic brake
  • electronic adjustment of the force
  • radio command – step by step (open – stop – close)
  • single command – step by step (open – stop – close)
  • directional open – close commands (with timer control)
  • stop command
  • pedestrian opening
  • automatic closing from the pedestrian
  • safety strip self-test as required by EN12453
  • built-in motor heater
  • Connectable to photocells – strips – blinker – key selector
  • Not for SUPER 2 and SUPER 3600 with S1/R2

Manufacturer: RIB
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