SUPER 6000

Automations for sliding gates

The virtually indestructible SUPER 6000 unit made from cast iron, houses a fan-cooled electric motor protected by heat sensors, reducer with mechanical components in an oil bath, hydraulic turbine (for gradual start-up), two independent watertight limit switches and electric brake (to stop the leaf at the end of stroke, thereby eliminating inertia generated).

SUPER 6000 is designed to operate gates weighing up to 6 tons.
Once installed, the unit only requires occasional maintenance to ensure efficient, optimal service.

In the event of power failure, simply use the key supplied to access and rotate the release knob, then open the gate manually.

The hydraulic turbine regulates motor thrust gradually and smoothly, eliminating wear and tear on gate mechanical components.

To eliminate the inertia generated by heavy gates and doors, the SUPER 6000 is equipped with a powerful electric brake that stops the gate leaf when it reaches the end of stroke.


  • automatic travel and operating time learning system
  • automatic closure
  • pre-blinking
  • radio command – step by step (open – stop – close)
  • single command – step by step (open – stop – close)
  • directional open – close commands (with timer control)
  • stop command
  • pedestrian opening
  • automatic closing from the pedestrian
  • safety strip self-test as required by EN12453
  • Connectable to photocells – strips – blinker – key selector

Manufacturer: RIB
Web site:

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