Electro-mechanical barriers

The RAPID electro-mechanical barriers are designed to regulate rapid vehicle access in intensive applications, such as at the entrance of car parks and residential areas.

Columns come in standard orange colour with cataphoresis and thermosetting treatment. In car park applications, automatic barriers operate constantly, day-in, day-out.

That’s why the RAPID series is equipped with a fan-cooled motor, to cope with particularly intensive lifting and lowering of the boom.

The new limit switch can be easily adjusted to reduce speed in approaching.

All RAPID barriers are equipped with new control board PARK 230V.


  • automatic travel and timing code learning system
  • automatic closure
  • pre-blinking
  • electronic adjustment of the force
  • radio command – step by step (open – stop – close)
  • single command – step by step (open – stop – close)
  • built-in radio receiver 433MHz
  • Connectable to photocells – strips – blinker – key selector
  • Safeties autotest in accordance with the EN12453 rule
  • Possibility to chose to close or stop barrier after blackout
  • Barrier low speed adjustable during approaching
  • Heater card built-in to use the barrier until -30°C
  • Suitable for connection with a signalisation buzzer
  • It manages a trafic light
  • All RAPID barriers are equipped with new control board PARK 230V.

Manufacturer: RIB
Web site: www.ribind.com

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