You can do this by going to device manager and update drivers. After going through all of that it will be of some comfort to know that updating your device drivers has a direct impact on improving your computer’s overall performance. Many people ask themselves whether it’s safe or a good idea to manually update their device drivers. While updating your drivers is always a good idea, doing it manually is not always the smart choice. Next, check with the company that made your computer to see if they have updated drivers available. On their website, you’ll usually find a support page that will let you know about updated drivers that are available.

how to install drivers windows

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Download the Appropriate INF File

The most important reason you should update your drivers is for device security. That’s because hackers and cybercriminals can find weaknesses in old drivers and exploit them. They might even gain access to your operating system’s secure environment. When you double-click on any of the devices in this list, its properties window will open. You can select the Driver tab to see its driver version, manually update the device driver, and even roll back the driver to a previous version. Nowadays, you’ll usually download and install drivers via the internet or a peripheral’s built-in memory.

  • You can benefit from it substantially because the app lets you optimize your printer’s settings, so the device works just to your preferences.
  • Mobile Print will print PDF’s, photos and web pages to OKI LED printers.
  • If no automatic scan is scheduled, you’ll just see a message letting you know that the volume is not dirty.
  • If you have to hunt down manufacturer-provided proprietary drivers and extended guides for installing them, that’s a bad sign.
  • If you have a good connection and want to keep SDIO on an USB stick for instance, download everything (around 50GB).
  • If that doesn’t happen, or you experience any of the following issues while using Windows on your Mac, follow the steps in this article.

Open the dash, search for Additional Drivers, and launch it. It will detect which proprietary drivers you can install for your hardware and allow you to install them. If you’re a gamer, you will want the latest graphics drivers. But, after you download and install them once, you’ll be notified when new drivers are available so you can download and install them. If you built your own desktop PC, you’ll have to download drivers from the manufacturer of each individual component. For example, go to your motherboard manufacturer’s website and look up the specific model of motherboard to find your motherboard drivers.

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